June’s Coin Auction with a lot of Graded Silver Dollars

There are over 500 lots in this auction including:

1934 S Peace Silver Dollar NGC MS62, check this one out, the book value is $3350 and the starting price is 25 cents with no reserve.
1928 Peace Silver Dollar NGC MS63+ book value on this one is $725
More Peace Silver Dollars graded by NGC & PCGS MS63 & MS64 with book values from $60 to $525
11 Morgan Silver Dollars Graded by NGC & PCGS
Lots of raw Morgan & Peace Silver Dollars, I lost count but I think more than 80.
Old Mexican Reales of different denominations from 1/8th to 2
25 Proof & Uncirculated American Silver Eagles
1932 D Washington Quarter
1927 S Standing Liberty Quarter

Lots of nice coins, something for everyone.