September’s Coin Auction is available for bidding

The September Coin Auction is now available for bidding and will start closing on September 29th at 10 AM Central Time. As usual we have $5 shipping and no reserve.

This is a link to the auction:

Tons of SILVER (probably over 400 ounces of pure silver, plus about 1/3 ounce of Gold) in this Auction including:

4 CC Morgan Silver Dollars
3 Gold Coins
125 Raw Silver Dollars
38 American Silver Eagles
24 Canadian Maple Leafs
37 Ounce Rounds and Bars
8 Graded Morgan Silver Dollars
2 Graded Peace Silver Dollars
18 Graded American Silver Eagles
20+ Rolls of Silver Coins (including 4 Rolls of Silver Dollars) plus 2 lots of 10 Pre-21 Morgan Silver Dollars

Numerous Key Dates including:
1893 O Morgan Silver Dollar
1895 O Morgan Silver Dollar
1904 S Morgan Silver Dollar
1882 O/S Morgan Silver Dollar
1932 S Washington Quarter
1938 D Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Counting graded, raw, CC and Key Dates there are almost 250 Silver Dollars.
Lots of other coins as well that are not mentioned.
You won’t want to miss this one.